Hey guys, it’s been a while. I’m sorry to all of you, but clearly I’ve given up on this blog. I’m officially closing this blog down. Sorry to any of you who are still following, but with the gigapause ending you’ll get your Homestuck fix some other way. I’ll leave the blog itself up for now but I might delete soon, who knows. It’s been fun, thanks for your support!!

Anonymous asked: It's alright and thank you! I love this blog by the way!

aaah thanks!! just a heads up you guys there are 0 messages in my inbox right now so even though i dont know when ill get to them, send some headcanons in!! love you guys

Anonymous asked: Can you please tag #69 as incest and noncon? Please and thank you! <3

done!! that was a weird one anyways gee whiz im sorry bout that anon